Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Purchasing a property in Turkey: The legal Steps

In general there are no restrictions on nationalities that can buy a property in Turkey. Foreigners can own properties in their own name.

The first step towards purshasing a home is to get a local tax number and to open a bank account.

We assist you for this first step as soon as you bring with you a proof of adress.

For the pursache, a contract is signed between the seller and the buyer, indicating the price, property details, the deposit received and the payment plan.

Concerning the legal procedure, the buyer can appoint a lawyer or he/ she can give a power attorney to the Real Estate agency to buy/ register the property in the name of the buyer.

Notice: This power of attorney does not give the right to sell the property, it is very specific to what action should be taken in regards to buying and transferring the property to your name.

The new owner can then receive a "Title deed" (Tapu in Turkish). This Tapu is the official document proving the ownership of the property.

Extra fees

You need to pay 3/1000 of the declared value to the municipality.  After receiving the Tapu, the buyer has 4 weeks to apply to the municipality. If your inscription is delayed you have to pay a fine.

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