Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying property in Turkey brings a lot of questions to think about. We have prepared a list of most frequently asked questions below and we can also assist you by phone or as a person if you have further questions about purchasing a property in Turkey.

Question: Is it possible to obtain a residence permit if i buy a property in Turkey?
Answer: According to the law, all foreigners can obtain a residence permit for 1 year but it cancels if you sell your property and residence permit can be prolonged every year with TAPU.

Question: Is it possible to become a Turkish citizen if i buy property?
Answer: Please check our special section about ways of obtaining Turkish Citizenship by investment in 2019.

Question: Are all the properties in Turkey freehold?
Answer: Sure, all properties we sell in Turkey are freehold.

Question: Is it possible for foreign companies to buy property in Turkey?
Answer: Sure, companies can buy property in Turkey if the country of the company has cross agreement with Turkey.

Question: Is it possible for my company to build an investment company in Turkey?
Answer: Sure, it is possible for your company to invest money on Turkish properties.

Question: Who determines the price of the property?
Answer: If it is new development, the price will be determined by developer, you pay the same price if you buy it from anyone.

Question: Is it possible to sell property in Turkey for everyone?
Answer: Sure, everyone can sell property in Turkey.

Question: How much is the Real Estate Agent Service fee?
Answer: During selling process, service agent receives 3% service fee from the seller and 3% service fee from the buyer. 

Question: Do i need to contact to a real estate agent? Or can i do it myself?
Answer: You will have benefits by contacting an agent, you will see many options about the property you want to buy and you will use the experience of our agents.

Question: Is it possible for every foreigner to buy property in Turkey?
Answer: Everyone who are from countries who has cross agreement with Turkey can buy property in Turkey, of course there are some expections with some countries by special agreements. Also countries who do not allow Turkish citizens to buy property in their land are not allowed to buy property in Turkey but this is also depends on special agreements.


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