Seaview Family Concept

795.000 TRY

Property Listing

Property Code: TPM-1034
City: Istanbul
Neighborhood: Büyükçekmece
Delivery Date: April 2020
Area Size: 92000 m2
Unit Numbers: 709

Property Details

Think about an Istanbul city… More unique than Istanbul!

Think about a life… More blue than Istanbul with the sea view around the city! More comfortable than İstanbul with comfortable houses. More colorful than İstanbul with its privileges. More profitable than İstanbul with its investment value. It is such a life that is inside of Istanbul, but more unique than İstanbul.

Let us introduce you to the blue of the city that you love

Let’s come to TPM-1034, we will host you in deep blue Istanbul. We introduce you those seagulls that you will see every day, sea view that you will look every morning and also the privileged and productive way of life. Let us introduce you the blue of the city you love

Property Prices

Type: 2+1
Meter: 112 m² -186 m²
Min Price: 795.000 TRY
Max Price: 1.228.000 TRY
Type: 3+1
Meter: 163 m² -179 m²
Min Price: 1.062.000 TRY
Max Price: 1.909.000 TRY
Type: 4+1
Meter: 203 m² -214 m²
Min Price: 1.469.000 TRY
Max Price: 2.289.000 TRY
Type: North E-5
Meter: 88 m² -70 m²
Min Price: 3.353.000 TRY
Max Price: 7.181.000 TRY
Type: East
Meter: 84 m² -78 m²
Min Price: 1.218.000 TRY
Max Price: 1.311.000 TRY
Type: South
Meter: 371 m² - 628 m²
Min Price: 1.102.000 TRY
Max Price: 1.381.000 TRY

Property Payment Plans

Plan: 35% Down Payment - 36 Months Instalment

Property Distances

Name: New Airport
Distance: 60 Min
Name: Hospital
Distance: 15 Min
Name: Marina
Distance: 5 Min

Property Features

  • * Reception
  • * Gym & Spa
  • * Parking Garage
  • * Sauna
  • * Swimming Pool
  • * Bus Stop
  • * Mosque
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